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Do you know the other uses of iron cans?
2021-07-08 16:04:06

In our daily life, many Chinese food problems we eat are packed in iron cans, and these iron cans always feel that they can do something for themselves, especially they are not willing to throw away. Maybe you also use it to hold some interesting things, or hide some other things. But students still don't think it has much effect. Let's get to know about it with Guangzhou Yingli Packaging Co., Ltd. - tinplate, tinplate customization and tinplate customization manufacturers

But when the brain opens up, it really loses control and looks for its purpose. You will see a lot of unexpected and interesting things.

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Materials and articles needed: tin, paint, brush, cardboard, ruler, glue, scissors, pencil, etc.

1: Paint the tin first. If we need to think that their original iron box is beautiful, we can save the development process!

2: It's not very easy to make a separation with cardboard and put it directly into the jar. An idea comes out!


Materials and items required: cans, paints, brushes, drills

1: Paint the jar first

2: Drill the iron box with a drill. If there is no drill, you can drill several holes in the bottom of the iron box with nails!

3: Planting your favorite flowers is a good DIY idea, which is very suitable for those who love to plant flowers.


Information and things needed: cans, paints, brushes

1: Paint the jar first

2: Stick iron box with double-sided glue or universal glue according to your preference;


Materials needed: cans, scissors, brushes, acrylic pigments, gloves, draft paper, pencils, ropes, soil, small plants.

1: Prepare two cans

2: Cut an ellipse from scratch paper and cut it on the can with a knife

3: Use scissors to cut off your own learning ellipse. Remember to trim them to avoid scraping!

4: Draw your favorite color or draw a cartoon!

5: Plant your favorite flowers, such as aloe vera!

6: Hang a rope on the ring of the can, and you can hang this DIY pot in any of our sunny places!

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