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How much do you know about cans and boxes?
2021-04-21 10:01:00

         Iron box, called tin can by many people, is made of tinplate as raw material. It is a packaging box made of tinplate through different processes such as welding, stamping and buckles. Because it is made of tinplate, it is also called tinplate box. What's the difference between an iron box and an iron can? In fact, there is no strict difference. In general, square and rectangular are called boxes, while round ones are called cans. Guangzhou Yingli Packaging Co., Ltd - Additive tank, brake tank, chassis tank manufacturers share with you:

         characteristic :

         one . Opacity

         In addition to the deterioration reaction of food, light can also cause changes in protein and amino acids. When vitamin C is exposed to light, it is more likely to interact with other food ingredients, resulting in a large amount of loss. According to research and analysis, the loss of vitamin C in milk in transparent glass bottles is 14 times higher than that in milk in dark bottles. Light will also make milk produce oxidation odor, and nuclide, methionine, etc. will be cracked and lose nutritional value. The lightproof of tinplate can makes the highest preservation rate of vitamin C.

         two . Good sealing

         The barrier of packaging containers to air and other volatile gases is very important for the preservation of nutrients and sensory quality. The comparison of various fruit juice packaging containers showed that the oxygen permeability of containers directly affected the browning of fruit juice and the preservation of vitamin C; Metal cans, glass bottles, aluminum foil and cartons with low oxygen permeability have better preservation of vitamin C, among which iron cans are the best.

         three . Reduction of tin

         Tin on the inner wall of tinplate will react with oxygen remaining in the container during filling to reduce the chance of oxidation of food ingredients. The reduction of tin has a good preservation effect on the flavor and color of light colored fruits and juice. Therefore, the juice can packed with unpainted iron can has better nutritional preservation than the juice can packed with other packaging materials. The browning change is slight, the flavor quality is acceptable, and the storage life is prolonged.

         Iron box standard:

         Main parts: reflect the main body's pattern, text, mark and bar code position.

         Slight scratch: no more than 0 on the printed surface . 3mm * 20mm, no iron scratch.

         Main view surface: the visible outer surface of the product picture and text by placing the front of the product          picture and text in front and under the sunlight.

         Non main view surface: surface other than main view surface, such as back, side, bottom and inner surface.

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