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Is chassis armor useful?
2019-10-18 17:17:36

Speaking of automobile chassis armor, we all know that it is to spray a layer of black glue under the chassis! This understanding must be correct. In fact, the chassis armor is also known as "chassis anti rust and sound insulation adhesive". Few people will know this name. So does chassis armor work?

I. chassis armor can be rustproof

You should all know that a car and a whole car are all made of bright paint (except the chassis). The chassis is also the most vulnerable part in driving. If you scratch it carelessly, the chassis will be "injured" immediately. At this time, you don't pay attention to it. When you drive, the chassis will contact a lot of water, such a long time of wind (car maintenance training to find the car Master) Blow the sun and water, the chassis will rust and corrode slowly until it is worn through, so the chassis will be very dangerous, but after making the chassis armor, these problems will be solved!

II. Chassis armor can be sound proof and noise reduction

Chassis armor is sprayed on the bottom of the chassis, which is concave (car beauty training to find a craftsman) and uneven. There are many small gaps, which can effectively solve part of the noise, because the transmission of chassis rubber can absorb certain noise, and if only the iron chassis (Wow, how can it be so noisy in the car)

Chassis tank

III. improve vehicle maintenance 


It's been five years since I drove the car. I don't want to. I've driven it to the second-hand car market for evaluation. When I lift it up to check the chassis, one car is valued at 50000 and the other is valued at 60000. So you ask why? Then the appraiser will tell you that because one chassis is rusty (the car decoration training organization looks for the car God craftsman), one is still new! So the price will come out! This is the advantage of making chassis armor.

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