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What is the function of automobile brake oil?
2019-10-18 17:14:07

1. The freezing point of automobile brake oil is very low, and it has good fluidity at low temperature.

2. The boiling point of automobile brake oil is very high, so there is no air resistance under high temperature;

3. When the brake oil is used, you will find that its quality changes little and will not cause the erosion of metal and rubber.

Brake oil tank

Precautions for using brake oil:

1. If gasoline, diesel or engine oil are inadvertently mixed into the brake system with synthetic brake oil, the braking effect will also be reduced due to the incompatibility between the oil fluids.

2. If the vehicle runs normally for 40000 km or the brake oil has been used continuously for more than 2 years, the brake oil is easy to deteriorate due to long service time, so it should be replaced in time.

3. For vehicles equipped with brake oil level alarm device, it is necessary to observe whether the alarm indicator light is flashing at any time, and whether the alarm sensor performance is good. When the brake oil is insufficient, it shall be added in time, and the stored brake oil shall be kept between the calibrated minimum capacity scale and the maximum capacity scale.

4. When the vehicle is in normal driving, if the brake is light or heavy, the brake oil shall be replaced in time, and the brake system shall be cleaned with alcohol before replacement.

5. When the vehicle brake deviates, the brake system shall be comprehensively inspected. If it is found that the cup of the wheel cylinder expands too much, it indicates that there may be problems in the quality of the brake oil. At this time, the brake oil with good quality shall be selected for replacement, and the leather bowl shall be replaced at the same time.

6. When changing seasons, especially in winter, if it is found that the braking effect is reduced, it is possible that the level of brake oil is not suitable for the winter climate. At this time, when replacing new brake oil, it is necessary to select the brake oil with low viscosity at low temperature.

7. Different types and brands of brake oil shall not be mixed. For the brake system with special requirements, the brake oil of specific brand shall be filled. Because of the different formulations of different brands and different types of brake oil, mixed brake oil will cause the decrease of brake oil performance index. Even those brands with good mutual solubility that can be mixed or replaced are not satisfactory in use, so do not use them for a long time.

8. When water is mixed or inhaled into the brake oil, or impurities or precipitates are found in the brake oil, it should be replaced in time or filtered carefully, otherwise the brake pressure will be insufficient, which will affect the braking effect.

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